Daily Archives: September 15, 2017

Investigation Opened After Indigenous Tribe Members Murdered

An official investigation is underway in Brazil following the alleged murder of up to 10 members of an uncontacted tribe. Prosecutor Pablo Luz de Beltrand told reporters that his team was contacted in August regarding a group of gold miners, who had allegedly murdered indigenous people in the Javari Valley. […]

International Alert’s Talking Peace Festival To Take Place In London

International Alert, the London-based non-profit organization concerned with conflict resolution and peacebuilding, is preparing to host its annual Talking Peace Festival later this month. The event provides a platform for arts, culture, and discussion surrounding the most pressing issues of conflict and peace in the world today and coincides with World […]

Message From Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, And The Mudslide In Sierra Leone

Once upon a time, on June 14th, a son was born to an American real estate developer and philanthropist and his immigrant wife. That boy grew up into a fine young man that went on to have several families of his own; even following in his father’s footsteps and marrying […]

FARC Rebel Group Becomes Political Party, Common Alternative Revolutionary Force

On Saturday, September 2nd, the Common Alternative Revolutionary Force (Fuerza Alternativa Revolucionaria del Común) was legalized as the political successor of the former guerrilla group, FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia). The announcement was made during the party’s founding congress that ran from August 28th to 31st at the Bogota Convention […]

Previously Uncontacted Amazonian Tribe Massacred By Gold Miners

This week the Brazilian government is investigating reports of genocide deep within the Amazon rainforest. Overheard in a bar on the Peruvian and Colombian border, a group of gold miners were heard bragging about their part in the murder of up to 10 indigenous tribe members. If not for a […]