Daily Archives: September 11, 2017

 IAEA Report Finds Iran In Compliance With Nuclear Deal

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported last week that Iran continues to comply with its commitments established under the July 2015 nuclear deal. Through that agreement, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the IAEA is tasked with monitoring and verifying specific nuclear-related agreements and reporting […]

Strained Relations Between Two Balkan Neighbours

The relations between Serbia and Macedonia, which has been tense for years, was further damaged this past April 2017 when Serbian intelligence officer, Goran Zivaljevic, was in the Macedonian Parliament. Protesters attacked and injured members of the Parliament, including Prime Minister Zoran Zaev. Shortly after the European Union and Balkans […]

The EU’s Top Court Dismisses Member States’ Challenge Against Refugee Relocation Agreement

The European Court of the Justice (ECJ), the European Union’s top court, dismissed a legal challenge from Hungary and Slovakia against an EU-wide agreement to accept and relocate asylum-seeking refugees.  The announcement came on Wednesday, after much anticipation that the courts would overwhelmingly rule against the two countries’ attempts.  Although […]

One Of India’s Most Famous Journalists, Praised For Her Support Of Marginalized Groups, Is Brutally Murdered Outside Her Home

55-year old Gauri Lankesh, an Indian journalist who fought against injustice and openly criticized right-wing groups, was fatally shot by three unknown attackers in front of her home in Bangalore. The incident took place on Tuesday and has led to widespread shock and outrage across India, with fellow journalists and […]

As The Three Year Siege Of Deir Ezzor Ends, Aid Convoys Reach The City

This week, Syrian Army forces, supported by Russian airstrikes and long range artillery, have disrupted the Islamic State (ISIL) siege of Deir Ezzor, the capital of Syria’s eastern province of the same name. After over a month of preparation and confrontation around the outskirts, troops closed in on the city […]

Aftermath Of Communal Violence In UP Denies Compensation To Victims

Hindu-Muslim riots have plagued the town of Muzaffarnagar since 2013, with killings ensuing following the death of three men who opposed sexual misconduct of a young woman, according to BBC News. Since the riots, 190 families have lost their homes and have been denied monetary funds from the government. The […]

Disappearance Of Indigenous Activist In Argentina Sparks Outrage

Thousands of Argentine’s are demanding answers regarding the disappearance of Santiago Maldonado, an activist for indigenous rights, who was last seen over a month ago. Maldonado went missing during a protest with the Mapuche community in the southern region of Patagonia where they were met by border police. Following the […]