Day: September 7, 2017

DACA Hangs By A Thread As President Trump Threatens To End Obama Era Immigration Policy

One of President Barack Obama’s most well-known immigration policies is hanging by a thread. The New York Times reports that President Trump is “seriously considering” rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Rumors have been circulating as the September 5th deadline approaches, which was given to President Trump

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26 Soldiers Killed During Militant Attack In Somalia

26 soldiers were killed in an attack in the village of Bula Gudud in Somalia on Sunday, September 3, 2017. The attack occurred when al-Shabaab fighters entered a military base near Kismayu, a southern port city in Somalia, and attacked Somali soldiers on the site. Mohamed Isa, a military officer,

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Democracy The Winner Of Kenya’s Supreme Court Ruling

In a historic move, Kenya’s Supreme Court nullified the results of the country’s recent presidential election that took place early last August. Instead, a new election day will take place sometime within the next 60 days. The Supreme Court’s decision came in response to a petition from the opposing candidates,

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Maltese Government Denies ‘Defend Europe’ Boat From Entering Its Shores

A C-star vessel operated by far-right activists, under the name of Defend Europe, was denied port access by the Maltese government. Defend Europe is an organization comprised of members of the Identitarian Movement, a Europe-wide association of activists who stand for the preservation of national identity and strongly oppose refugees from seeking asylum

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