Daily Archives: August 30, 2017

A Win For Civil Rights?

On Saturday, the 19th of August, approximately fifteen thousand individuals assembled in Boston to resist the recent onslaught of neo-Nazism spurring from an incident in Charlottesville earlier this month. Some twenty-five conservatives had gathered in Boston Common Park to exercise their constitutional liberties in a ‘free speech rally.’ They were […]

Rohingya Minority Suffers As Bangladesh Bans Further Entry Of Refugees

An official for Bangladesh announced on Saturday that the country would no longer allow Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar to flee into its borders. The official claims that Bangladesh has suffered “massive” social, environmental, and economic repercussions as a result of the roughly 400,000 Rohingya people, who have already entered. In […]

Venezuela: Military Intervention Is Not The Answer

After U.S. President Donald Trump told a news conference on Friday that a military option in Venezuela was “certainly something we could pursue,” his own Vice President, Mike Pence, backpedalled immediately, claiming, “The president also remains confident that working with all of our allies across Latin America we can achieve […]

Recent Tension Between China And India

Sino-Indian diplomacy has fallen apart, and it is at the point where strong accusations have been made against the two Asian giants. Moreover, soldiers from the two countries have been locked in a bitter standoff since June when Chinese troops began the construction of a road through a contested region […]

UN Report Finds Saudi Coalition Responsible For ‘Unacceptably High’ Number Of Child Deaths In Yemen 3

In a recent draft of the United Nations’ (UN) annual report on Children and Armed Conflict, it documented human rights violations of over 15,500 children last year. With more than a dozen conflicts going on around the world, four thousand of the atrocities were recognized as government violations, whereas the […]

A Battle Finally Won: Indian Court Bans Practice Of Instant Divorce, In A Move Labelled ‘Historic’ By Narendra Modi

India’s Supreme Court has ruled that the practice of instant divorce in Islam, formally known as ‘triple talaq,’ is in violation of the Constitution, thus marking a significant victory for women’s rights campaigners. The five-judge court bench repealed the practice of instant triple talaq, citing its contravention of Constitutional morality, most […]

An Optimistic Stalemate On The Korean Peninsula

After weeks of chest thumping bombastic rhetoric, mutually exchanged threats of fire engulfing nuclear war by two egotistical leaders, the situation on the Korean peninsula appears to have returned to a normal, manageable state of hostility, which offers a glimmer of hope that the relevant parties will finally swallow their […]