Daily Archives: August 26, 2017

Trudeau’s Delay In Accepting Syrian Refugees

Despite the promise being a central part of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s campaign and part of the image he himself has chosen to create for Canada – a safe haven for those refugees facing the the threat of deportation in the United States – Trudeau’s plan to accept refugees freely […]

Arsenic In Drinking Water Threatens Up To 60 Million In Pakistan

A large percentage of the drinking water in Pakistan is contaminated by arsenic, a toxic chemical that causes a plethora of negative health effects and that is lethal in high amounts, according to a new study released by the Science Advances Journal. The report revealed that the region most affected […]

Uzbekistan’s Release Of Former UN Worker A Small Victory In Fight Against State’s Abuses

Uzbekistan has allowed the release of Erkin Musaev after 11 years of imprisonment. Having been charged with high treason in 2006, Musaev is reported to have been the victim of torture and a corrupt judicial system. The release is the latest of some modest concessions enacted by new President Shavkat […]

The End Of “Triple Talaq:” A Victory Long Overdue For India’s Muslim Women

India’s Supreme Court banned a form of unilateral, instant, and irrevocable divorce on Tuesday, thereby answering a demand Muslim women have been making in the country for over 70 years. Known widely as “triple talaq,” the controversial practice allows husbands to divorce their wives simply by uttering the word “talaq” […]