Daily Archives: August 21, 2017

“War On Drugs” Becomes Massacre In The Philippines

President Rodrigo Duterte was elected in June of last year. His bolstered campaign promised harsher punishments for criminals and stressed a national crackdown on the countries pervasive drug problem. As covered by CNN in his campaign, Duterte suggested that the government could not control the drug problem for reasons that […]

“Free Speech” Rally In Boston Overshadowed By Anti-Racist Demonstrators 1

In Boston, Massachusetts, U.S, a small “free-speech” rally has been overshadowed by thousands of counter-demonstrators chanting anti-racist and anti-fascist slogans. The initial rally on Boston Common was organised by The Boston Free Speech Coalition, who are enthusiasts of the First Amendment and Right to Free Speech. They expected thousands of supporters to […]

Ship Carrying Anti-Migrant Activists Denied Access To Malta

The Maltese government has taken a symbolic stance against anti-migrant sentiment, denying a ship carrying far-right anti-refugee activists port access and requests for water and supplies. The activists, who were aboard the C-Star vessel, were part of the controversial Defend Europe group which claims to work to “defend Europe” from […]

Trump Condones Barbaric Military Methods To Counter Violent Extremism In Wake Of Barcelona Attack

Just a few hours after a van drove into a crowd of pedestrians in Barcelona, Donald Trump resurrected a long debunked tale about General John J. Pershing and condoned an appalling act of violent, religious discrimination to tackle “radical Islamic terror.” He tweeted that Spaniards should “study what General Pershing […]