Daily Archives: August 15, 2017

Zuma Survives Another No Confidence Vote

Earlier this week, President Jacob Zuma survived a vote of no confidence by the South African Parliament. The no confidence vote, his eighth since coming into power in 2009, was won by a narrow margin of 21 votes. The news was celebrated by members of his party, the African National […]

Tragedy Strikes As Refugees Killed By Smugglers Near Yemen

On August 9th, 50 Somali and Ethiopian migrants were “deliberately drowned” in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Yemen on a boat that was smuggling 120 migrants, according to CNN. The boat was headed to Yemen, carrying young men and women that averaged age 16. The International Organization on […]

Learning From Frank Sinatra, Kenya, And Elections 2017

A person I know once said that “ukitaka kusomea siasa waangalie Wakenya. Utasoma kisomo kisicho na mwisho,” which means that anyone that would like to be a student of politics should watch the political scene in Kenya, they would gain unending knowledge. I was young(er) then and, like many people, […]

Trump’s Remarks Turn Attention Towards Venezuelan Crisis

Once again President Trump’s twitter account made headlines all over the world with the following tweet: “Military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should North Korea act out unwisely. Hopefully, Kim Jong Un will find another path!” While recently, the ongoing escalation of tension between the governments […]

Syrian Refugees: Resettlement And New Lives

After escaping from the civil war in Syria to various host countries, such as Turkey, Greece, and Scandinavia, Syrian refugees have been resettled and begun their new lives. The Syrian Civil War began in 2011, with an anti-regime uprising starting in March of the same year. During this period, over […]

Canadian Pastor Returns Home After Release From North Korean Prison

A Canadian pastor who was imprisoned in North Korea since 2015 returned to his home in Toronto on Saturday. Hyeon Soo Lim, North Korea’s longest-held Western prisoner in decades, was released last week on what was described as ‘sick bail.’ Prior to his release, he had complained of stomach pain […]

United Nations Mission Attacked In Southwest Colombia

The United Nations Mission in Caloto, Colombia was attacked by unknown assailants on Sunday, August 6th during a collaborative operation to uncover and extract weapon caches left behind by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC-EP). The assailants stormed the site carrying rifles and other weapons, after which additional police […]

Israel’s Plans To Shut Down Al Jazeera Decried By Organizations And Journalists Worldwide

On August 6th, Israel’s Communication Minister Ayoob Kara announced his plans to withdraw the credentials of Al Jazeera’s Arabic and English journalists and close down its Jerusalem bureau. The Doha-based news channel has been active in Israel-Palestine since 1996, but has recently been accused of ‘incitement’ by Prime Minister Benjamin […]

Indiscriminate Artillery Attacks Add To Yemen’s Rising Civilian Death Toll

Human Rights Watch revealed this week that indiscriminate shelling into populated neighbourhoods in Yemen has claimed the lives of at least 30 civilians and wounded more than 160 others. Details about the attacks, which occurred over a ten-day period in May this year, have only just come to light due […]