Daily Archives: August 8, 2017

The Slow Burn Of The Taliban: Recent Rash Of Attacks Leave Scores Dead In Afghanistan

An estimated 40 Taliban fighters have been killed by Afghan security forces in the southern Helmand in a gun fight that lasted for 12 hours, according to Aljazeera. Insurgents attacked a market in the central Gereshk district on the morning of Friday the August 4th, Afghan news outlet TOLOnews reported. […]

Indonesia Rights Body Calls For End To Rights Violations In Papua Following Police Shootings

Indonesia’s National Commission on Human Rights (KOMNAS HAM) has called for President Joko Widodo to end rights violations in the easternmost province of Papua following police shootings. According to human rights groups and local witnesses, paramilitary police officers killed one person and wounded seven others, including at least two children […]

Recent U.S. Sanctions Leads To Rise In International Tension

In a decisive 419-3 vote, the House of Representatives voted to pass a new bill that imposes sanctions on Iran, Russia, and North Korea. Regarding North Korea and Iran, the sanctions come in response to the testing of ballistic missiles by two nations, as well as growing concern from the U.S. government […]

The Importance Of A Peaceful Presidential Election In Kenya

As Tuesday approaches, the world waits to see what will happen with the presidential election in Kenya. Not only is a peaceful election crucial for Kenya, but as the largest East African nation, its political stability will directly impact the surrounding countries as well. Although eight candidates are vying for […]

Italy Launches New Naval Mission To Combat Migrant Crisis

Italy launched a new naval mission on Wednesday, August 2nd to combat people smuggling migrants and refugees on boats that are crossing from Libya to Italy. The mission was approved by Italy’s Parliament after a request from Libya’s UN-backed government. For the mission, a patrol boat was sent into Libyan territorial waters in […]

China Is Finally Trying To Be A Big Brother To North Korea

The rapid acceleration in the frequency of North Korea’s missile tests and its nuclear technological developments has generated severe security tensions in the Asia-Pacific region. While, the prime intention of North Korea’s nuclear program was to deter foreign intervention, the unrelenting testing of its missiles, as well as the threats […]