Day: July 24, 2017

Is Kenya Gearing Up For War Come August 8th?

Only a few days remain before the Kenya national elections on August 8th. Tensions from most people are running high especially considering what happened last time back in 2007. As opposed to 2013, the stakes have never been higher for the opposition leader and NASA flag-bearer, Raila Odinga. This is

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Water Dynamics: Israel And Palestine Develop Groundbreaking Environmental Deal To Increase Water Sharing

The waterscape of Israel and Palestine has mirrored the controversiality of its ever changing geopolitics and has historically been a site of intense human rights conflicts and environmental injustice following the presence of the British. A groundbreaking water deal brokered between Israel and Palestine may mark a turning point, with

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Venezuela’s Deep Divisions

Venezuela’s entrenched divisions have once again flared up, this time in response to President Nicolas Maduro’s pledge to go ahead reshaping the government. Time Magazine has reported that anti-government protests in Venezuela have left two dead. Masked protesters mounted a blockade around the capital, Caracas, and grew violent, effectively isolating

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Seven Hindu Pilgrims Killed In Kashmir Attack

An attack in Kashmir the past Monday has marked the beginning of a potential watershed moment in the conflict between India and Pakistan. Seven Hindu pilgrims were slain in Kashmir on July 10 while returning by bus from Amarnath Cave, a Himalayan shrine and one of Hinduism’s holiest sites, when

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