Daily Archives: July 18, 2017

The ‘Silent Crisis’ Of Mental Illness Among Asylum Seekers In Europe

A report published by Human Rights Watch (HRW) has brought to light the severity of the psychological traumas being suffered by asylum seekers in the European Union. Suicide attempts, self-harm, aggression, anxiety, and depression were found to be endemic among those contained in camps on Greek islands, particularly among young […]

The Laptop Ban On Flights: A New Tool Of Division

In March 2017 both the U.S. and the U.K. instituted a ban on large electronic devices being taken onto flights as hand luggage on flights coming from a variety of Muslim countries. Whilst phones are still permitted on these flights, larger items, such as Kindles, tablets, and laptops are prohibited […]

Period Punishment

Tulasi Shahi, an 18-year-old Nepalese woman, died from a snakebite last week when she was banished to a ‘menstruation hut’ while on her period, reports the Independent.  Though Nepal is not the only country to have groups practice banishment during menstruation, it has certainly been the one to garner the […]

Venezuela Government Supporters Attack Politicians At The National Assembly

On a day traditionally spent celebrating the independence of Venezuela from the Spanish crown, members of the opposition party were unexpectedly met with violence and terror when dozens of pro-government activists attacked and terrorized the grounds of Venezuela’s National Assembly building in downtown Caracas. The chaos began at the break […]

Ukraine Seeks NATO Membership Plan 1

Following Russia’s annexation of Crimea in March of 2014, the majority of Ukrainians have supported a path towards NATO membership. This resolution to join the international organization stands in direct political opposition to Moscow and serves as a means for resolving violence in eastern Ukraine, specifically the regions of Avdiivka […]