Day: June 25, 2017

Only Half Of Food Aid Delivered To Nigerians In Dire Need

The Nigerian government reported on Sunday that up to half of the food aid meant for people who have fled the country’s Islamist insurgency has not been delivered. The incident was called a “diversion of relief materials,” which many say is a euphemism for theft. Unfortunately, such ‘diversions’ appear to

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Kurdistan Determines A Date For Independence Vote

A recent decision by Iraqi Kurds to vote on independence has been met with disapproval from both crucial allies and the United States. The vote on independence, set for September 25th, 2017, has been long in the making. Iraqi Kurdistan was granted autonomy in 1970, although it has continued to

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Otto Warmbier, North Korea, And Dark Tourism

About 2,500 mourners, family members, friends, and supporters gathered to say farewell to Otto Warmbier last Thursday morning at Wyoming High School, Cincinnati, Ohio. Warmbier, 22, returned to the US last week in a coma following 17 months in detention in North Korea, after he was arrested for allegedly attempting

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