Daily Archives: June 12, 2017

US Military Reports 484 Civilians Have Been Killed In US-Led Attacks Against ISIL

On Friday, June 2nd, the US military reported that 484 civilian deaths had resulted from coalition attacks on ISIS group targets in Syria and Iraq since mid-2014. In its statement on Friday, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) added another 132 civilian deaths to its April report. The dramatic spike resulted […]

The Conservatives And DUP: How Would A Deal Between The Two Parties Affect The Good Friday Agreement?

On Thursday, June 8th, 2017, citizens of the UK took to the polls yet again in an early election called by Prime Minister Theresa May in an effort to increase her majority before the beginning of the Brexit negotiations with Europe. However despite predictions of the Conservatives increasing their majority by as […]

Kabul Peace Process Concludes Its Inaugural Meeting On A Positive Note

The first meeting of the Afghan-led ‘Kabul Peace Process for Peace and Security Cooperation’ has officially concluded after a day of discussions, the Guardian reports. Led by Chief Executive Abdullah, organizers of the conference are reportedly hopeful that the conference has laid the foundations for security ties between Afghanistan and […]

China Continues To Prioritize Regional Peace Over Denuclearization On The Korean Peninsula

North Korea continues its provocative behaviour. This week, North Korea tested ground-to-sea cruise missiles and claimed it a success. The ground-to-sea missile test was the fifth test in under a month, which was presumably in defiance of international pressures, mainly coming from the Trump administration, to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula. […]