Daily Archives: May 15, 2017

Mayday…Mayday…Mayday… Asylum Seeker Deaths at Sea

The number of asylum seekers and migrants journeying across the Mediterranean Sea in search of refuge in Europe continues to rise higher, reflecting the escalating crisis of displaced people across the world. Proportionately, as more people risk their lives on the sea, the numbers presumed to have disappeared and drowned […]

Mexico Named Second Deadliest Conflict Zone After Syria

Mexico has surpassed Iraq, Afghanistan and several conflict-ridden African countries as the second deadliest zone after Syria, according to a new report on the global armed conflict. The 2017 Armed Conflict Survey, released on Tuesday by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), showed the number of fatalities as a […]

Venezuela Still Consumed By Anti-Government Protests

Anti-government protests continue in Caracas, Venezuela this week, as they have almost every day since the end of March when the Supreme Court attempted to take over the powers of the opposition-led National Assembly. Dozens have been killed during the protests against President Nicolas Maduro and his cabinet. Dissatisfaction has […]

Human Rights Watch Says Trump’s Policies Would Increase Number Of Preventable Deaths In Immigrant Detention Facilities

This Monday, Human Rights Watch published a 104-page report describing conditions at immigration centres as hazardous to the health of the detainees being held there. Much of the blame for these hazardous conditions, according to the report, can be attributed to sub-par medical care at these facilities. Moreover, there is […]

UN Human Rights Experts Denounce India’s Social Media Ban In Kashmir, Citing Human Rights Violations

Two high-level United Nations experts on human rights have denounced the recent move by the Indian government to ban social media and mobile data services in Indian-administered Kashmir, the long-disputed northern region of the Indian subcontinent. The condemning statements were made on Thursday by two UN Special Rapporteurs on human […]