Day: May 8, 2017

What The Release of The Chibok Girls Means For West Africa

On the May 6, 2017, 82 schoolgirls, who were kidnapped from the Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok, were released. The abduction took place over three years ago in April 2014 by Boko Haram fighters. These fighters stormed the Chibok high school as the students were preparing for exams and

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Sixteen Migrants Die Crossing The Mediterranean Sea

Sixteen migrants, including two children, have died attempting to cross the Aegean Sea from Turkey to Greece by boat on Sunday, April 24th, according to reports by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). The vessel, allegedly a smuggler’s boat, capsized on Sunday night while trying to reach the

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‘De-escalation’ In Syria

In a rather peculiar move by Russian, Iran and Turkey, on Thursday, a deal was struck to help in the cessation of hostilities between the government of Syria and rebel forces. The war is now in its seventh year. The plan is aimed at the ending of clashes between forces

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82 Chibok Girls Released By Boko Haram

On May 6, at least 80 of the so-called Chibok girls were released from captivity by Boko Haram, a militant Islamic group. The release is reported to have occurred following talks between the Nigerian government and Boko Haram. Before this release, 195 of the original 276 girls were still held

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