Daily Archives: May 4, 2017

New Arrests And Plans To “Eliminate” Chechnya’s Gay Community Demand Sustained International Pressure

On Monday, May 1st, 20 LGBT rights protesters were arrested in St. Petersburg for taking part in the first demonstration inside Russia against the horrifying treatment of gay men in Chechnya. Among the detainees is Igor Kochetkov, director of the Russian LGBT Network, an activist group providing safe houses for gay […]

International Criminal Court Reveals Arrest Warrant For Former Ghaddafi Security Chief

On the 24 April 2017, The International Criminal Court (ICC) decided to unseal the warrant of arrest for Al-Tuhami Mohamed Khaled. The former head of the Internal Security Agency of Libya –ISA- during the last years of Gaddafi’s regime, is charged with four crimes against humanity and three war crimes, […]

North Korean Economy Brings New Need For Talks With China

Since the Korean War, North Korea has seen harsh economic sanctions placed on it, which has served to limit its growth. In particularly hard times, famine has even struck the country as the Kim dynasty clings to power. Despite these sanctions, according to a recent New York Times report, the […]

Death Toll Rises In Worsening Unrest In Venezuela

This past Monday, tensions in Venezuela flared up again as opposition-led protests against the government, which began in late March, continued into their fourth week. These largely peaceful protests have been marred by outbreaks of street violence, which is seen as an extension of political tension driven by the economic […]