Daily Archives: April 9, 2017

French President Fires Back At President Trump, Defends The Security Of France

French president Francois Hollande fired back at Donald Trump during his speech at an agricultural trade fair a few weeks ago. This followed after the United States (US) President Donald Trump remarked that ‘Paris is no longer Paris’ following the attacks by Islamist militants. The French President’s comment was preceded […]

Protests In Venezuela: Pushing For Democracy, Food, And Medicine

This week has seen Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, shut down due to tens of thousands of demonstrators hitting the streets in order to protest the current leftist government headed by President Nicolás Maduro, who has been accused of trying to cement a one-man rule. The protests, aligned with the National Assembly, […]

Trump Axes Aid To UN Population Fund, Threatening The Lives Of Thousands

“Together, we must declare that the era of allowing brutality against women and children is over.” The words of First Lady Melania Trump earlier this week sounded somewhat jarring next to the incongruous actions of her husband. In his ongoing crusade to suppress women’s rights, this week President Trump axed […]

Syria Chemical Attack: Solving The Syria Crisis In A Peaceful Manner

What appears to be the largest and most toxic chemical attack in Syria since the attack in August 2013 occurred this past Tuesday. According to humanitarian groups, more than 100 people died. The White House referred to the event as a “reprehensible” attack against innocent people “that cannot be ignored […]