Daily Archives: April 7, 2017

A Dangerous Response To The Syrian Chemical Attack

Earlier this week, someone attacked Syrian citizens with chemical weapons, resulting in the deaths of at least 85 civilians – including women and young children. Illegal chemical weapons were certainly used, but the culprit is less clear. Western media would blame Assad, while the Kremlin continues to back his regime. […]

The Chemical Attack That Prompted The U.S. Response

The death toll in the northern Idlib region in Syria is expected to rise after a chemical bombing on Tuesday morning that brutally injured over 300 civilians. Many members of the international community have condemned the bombing and blamed President Bashar al-Assad for his suspected role, though both the Syrian […]

Icelandic Parliament Proposes Wage Parity Bill

On Tuesday, Iceland’s parliament presented a bill requiring all companies to prove they offer equal pay to employees. The proposed bill takes an intersectional approach, prohibiting wage discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion, disability, occupational disability, age or sexual orientation. This bill will be the toughest law in […]