Daily Archives: April 3, 2017

President Trump Dismantles US Climate Policy As Thousands Suffer From Natural Disasters

This week saw ex-cyclone Debbie ravage north-eastern coastlines of Australia. An avalanche near the Nasu Onsen ski resort in Japan killed eight and injure 40 more, and flooding and flood-induced landslides in Peru and the Colombian city of Mocoa together killed over 350 people, with many more missing and injured. […]

Nigerian Army Close In On Boko Haram Stronghold; Islamic Extremists Continue to Kidnap Women

In the heart of Sambisa Forest in North-Eastern Nigeria, zero hour has arrived. The final offensive led by the Nigerian Army takes place against Boko Haram, and ultimately their dream of establishing their own sovereign state. Boko Haram has caused great turmoil in Africa’s most populous country through a wave […]

South Korean And North Korean Women’s Football Teams To Play In Pyongyang

The South Korean women’s football team and the North Korean women’s team are scheduled to play against each other in Pyongyang on April 7th. This is the first time they will face each other in Pyongyang, as part of the Asian Football Confederation’s Women’s Asian Cup. South Korea and North […]