Daily Archives: March 20, 2017

South Sudan Buying Guns Rather Than Butter

Late last month, the South Sudanese government and three United Nations agencies declared that famine had hit two counties in South Sudan. The direct result of the prolonged civil war and an entrenched economic crisis has continued to ravage the war-scarred East African nation. When the crisis was announced, more […]

Kenya’s Path Towards A Government Of The People, For The People, And By The People

It seems to have become the new normal for Kenya to suffer drought and famine year in year out. It begins with heavy sporadic rains that lead to floods that bring down buildings, making roads impassable and worse sweeping people and animals away. Phase one and then comes phase two. […]

The United States Speaks: G20 Without Free Trade And Climate Change

On March 18th, G20 leaders rejected a previous commitment for free trade and climate change. The decision is rooted in the pressure from US President Trump’s “America First” policy and his claims that climate change is a “hoax,” which have swayed the forum’s view on these two major goals. This is […]

China Urges US Not To Respond Rashly To North Korean Missile Tests

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has urged US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to stay “cool-headed” following the latter’s aggressive response to recent missile tests by North Korea. Pyongyang has been working towards a functional nuclear missile system for quite some time now, but it made noted progress on March […]

US Takes A Tougher Stance Against North Korea: China Urges US To Be ‘Cool-headed”

US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, has stated the possibility of using military force against North Korea if their weapons programs threaten South Korean and US forces. North Korea is developing long-range nuclear missiles, which Tillerson claims have reached “a rather dangerous level.” Tillerson announced the tougher stance of the […]

Trump’s Hazy Strategy In Syria

During Syria’s five-year civil war, over 300,000 people have been killed, and 4.8 million have been fled the country. Despite the scale of this human loss, an end does not seem to come in a short time. Neither side has been able to achieve a decisive victory, while a political […]

Syrian Jets Deliberately Hit Damascus Water Supply

In a report released this past week, UN investigators accused the Syrian government of deliberately carrying out two airstrikes on Damascus’ water supply, which has resulted in the loss of a water source for 5.5 million people in and around the capital. Based on the findings of the UN Independent […]

Scotland Calls For A Second Independence Referendum: What This Means For Their Future

The Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has made calls this past week for a second referendum on Scottish independence. This comes only three years after the last referendum, something that would seem unbelievable, except for the fact that the political landscape has changed completely: last June a monumental vote was […]

The White House’s Proposed Budget: A Drastic Change

The White House is seeking a radical alteration of US foreign policy. The Trump administration plans to reduce its commitment to foreign aid and diplomacy through substantial funding cuts in the administration’s new budget plan. The purported purpose of this budget proposal is to “free up funding for critical priorities […]

Maoist Rebel Attack Kills 11 Paramilitary Soldiers In India

In an ambush in central India last Saturday, Maoist rebels killed 11 paramilitary soldiers. According to ABC News, the attack also left three soldiers wounded. Top police officer R.K. Vij reported that it was unclear as to whether any rebels were killed or injured after the Central Reserve Police Force […]