Daily Archives: March 7, 2017

The Malta Declaration: The Impact On Migrants And Human Rights

Earlier this week, 74 dead refugees washed ashore in Zawiya, the western city of Libya. The victims were found inside a boat with its engine missing, prompting speculation that the engine was deliberately removed by smugglers or armed militia. This tragedy follows the latest crackdown on migration routes and the […]

EU Parliament Imposes Visas On US Citizens Visiting Europe

On Thursday, March 3 members of the European Parliament held a European Commission to dispute against the United States (US) visa-restricted countries, which specifically targeted five European nations. The Trump administration targeted Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania. The European lawmakers pressured the US, demanding visa restrictions on US travellers into the EU. Although, this […]

Homes And Shops Burned In Anti-Migrant South Africa Attacks

The upturn in the violence that has characterized the past few weeks in major South African cities, namely Johannesburg and the capital Pretoria is, according to observers, extremely worrying as it harkens back to similar (if not more violent) xenophobic incidents of previous years. Police were forced to use tear […]

Police Strike Prompts Anarchy In A Brazilian State Ahead Of Carnival Festivities

A year after the lavish Summer Olympics, Brazil is undergoing the deepest recession in decades, which has resulted in strict austerity measures and important budget shortfalls that are affecting the majority of the country’s public services. Most recently, the scarcity of the state’s budget in public security has sparked a […]

Why Does The Civil War In Syria Continue?

The Geneva peace talks on Syria conference started last week and from the very beginning, it was deemed to be unsuccessful. As brutal clashes continue in Syria, the optimism of everyone involved seems to be wavering. Despite a number of attempts at a ceasefire, many peace plans, and foreign interventions, the […]

China’s Lowest Military Budget Growth Rate In 7 Years

On Saturday, China announced a 7% increase to its annual military spending, China’s lowest military growth rate in seven years. Taking up 1.3% of China’s GDP, China claims that the proposed military budget is based upon China’s economic and defense needs. However, such a low military spending growth rate has […]