Daily Archives: February 24, 2017

‘Refugees Welcome’ Banner Attached To The Statue Of Liberty

President Donald Trump’s proposed travel ban has become a dominant force of discussion. The initial travel ban was temporarily halted by a federal judge but the Trump Administration is working on a new version which would impose similar restrictions on Muslim-majority countries and retain the 50,000 refugee cap, a reduction […]

Truce In Eastern Ukraine, But Russian Rebels Continue To Fight

Shortly after a ceasefire deal was initiated between Russia, Ukraine, and allies in Eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian army accused pro-Russian rebels of breaking it. On Monday, just hours after the ceasefire was initiated, Ukraine claimed that the Russian separatists continued to bomb Ukrainian forces, killing at least one soldier and […]

North Korea’s Further Isolation

Following the shocking assassination of Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and eldest son of former leader Kim Jong-il, North Korea has become increasingly isolated from the international community and tensions are high due to diplomatic squabbles. Kim Jong-nam was poisoned last Monday at the Kuala […]

South Sudanese Software Programmer Begins Reprogramming Home Country

Despite being the world’s newest nation, South Sudan has had very little to celebrate. Since declaring its independence in 2011, South Sudan has seen 2.4 million people be displaced, more than 50,000 have died, and hundreds of thousands more suffer due to rape and torture. With the goal of asserting […]

Enter The Nexus Of The Syrian Conflict

Donald Trump’s planned ‘Travel Ban’ provoked outrage across the world and set an ominous tone for those hoping that US Foreign Policy might prioritize a humanitarian solution to the lethal conflict in Syria, now in its sixth bloody year. In 2002, James Fearon of Stanford University put the average length […]

Trump’s Simple Syria: Why His “All Action, No Talk” Solution Will Fail

“I want to let the action take place before the talk takes place,” President Trump told David Muir when questioned on his policy regarding the Middle East in an interview with ABC. Indicative of his unnerving approach to conflict and its resolution, this statement highlights Trump’s impulsive and unpredictable style […]