Daily Archives: February 22, 2017

“War Is Not An Option” And Yet It Is Ukraine’s Current Reality

Over the weekend, Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement to the UN Security Council (UNSC) accusing Russia of “yet again (having) violated Ukraine’s state sovereignty and territorial integrity.” Supporting the statement are observations made by the Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) in Ukraine, that heavy weapons fighting in eastern […]

Declining American Influence In Astana Peace Talks

Recent talks held in Astana, Kazakhstan, have been the closest that Syria has been to a peace solution. Bringing rebel leaders and government representatives to the same table is quite unprecedented. Yet the civil war, which has already claimed around 400,000 lives (UN estimate), is unlikely to stop any time […]

FARC Has Taken The First Steps Toward Disarmament And Reintegration

The Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) and the Colombian government have taken their first steps toward implementing their controversial 2016 peace deal this week, by beginning the disarmament process. The 6,900 members of FARC have spent the past few weeks trekking from their isolated military bases to mutually agreed […]

Migrants Risk Life And Limb Seeking Refuge In Canada

An increasing number of people are looking to leave the United States and seek asylum in Canada, as conditions worsen for immigrants and refugees. The policies of President Donald Trump, including the executive order banning travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, the suspension of the refugee program, and round-ups of illegal […]