Daily Archives: February 20, 2017

China Still Sees Chance For Six Party Talks

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said that China has not given up hope on Six-Party Talks with North Korea during his statement at the Munich Security Conference on February 17th. His statement stressed the importance and viability of peaceful resolution to conflict, peaceful coexistence, and multilateralism. Wang noted in […]

Mexico Marches Against Trump

Tens of thousands of citizens in Mexico marched on Sunday to protest against US President Donald Trump’s immigration policies and his executive order to construct a wall along the US-Mexican border. Waving Mexican flags and anti-Trump signs, infuriated Mexicans displayed remarkable national unity in order to accuse Trump of racism […]

Settlement Legalization Law Awakens Indignation Of Israeli Human Rights Groups

On Wednesday, February 1st, years of legal proceedings culminated in the evacuation of Amona, a Jewish colony situated on privately owned Palestinian land in the West Bank. The court ruling that ordained the eviction was based on the grounds that Jewish law considers settlements on Palestinian land illegal. However, both […]

UNSC Passes Resolution Emphasizing Importance Of International Cooperation For Preventing Terror Threats To Infrastructure

The United Nations Security Council passed a resolution late last week highlighting the importance of international cooperation in protecting critical infrastructure from terror threats. Resolution 2341, which was passed unanimously by the 15-member body and emphasizes the need for multilateral partnerships and effective communication, comes in the wake of several […]