Daily Archives: February 19, 2017

International Pressure Mounts For Inquiry Into Abuses Of Rohingya In Myanmar

International pressure has reached new heights in recent weeks as human rights organizations push for a credible investigation into the human rights abuses of Rohingyans in Myanmar. On February 3rd, the United Nations (UN) released a report finding instances of the Myanmar government’s failure to protect its most persecuted ethnic […]

Pakistan-Afghanistan Tensions Heighten After Suicide Attack

Pakistan has launched multiple raids and attacks against militants, allegedly killing 100, in response to a recent suicide bombing at a Sufi shrine. The suicide attack on the Lal Shahbaz Qalandar shrine killed at least 88 people and wounded over 200, making it the deadliest attack of the past two […]

Astana Talks Pave Way For Peaceful Solution

Initial steps toward a ceasefire are underway in Astana. Iranian, Turkish and Russian officials met last Monday to discuss a peaceful solution to the six-year conflict. Official United Nations peace discussions are taking place later this month, but the Kazakh capital played host this week to neighbouring nations feeling the […]

The Forgotten Millions: The Return To Juba, South Sudan

Thousands of internally displaced people will be returning to their homes in Juba, South Sudan in the coming weeks. Since the conflict that divided Sudan in December 2013, 2.1 million Sudanese people have been displaced and over 1.5 million have fled South Sudan. The Popular Committee for Peace-building urged the […]

Political Shift In Gaza Increasing Tensions With Israel

After a week of increased unrest, the Palestinian militant group, Hamas, have escalated tensions further with the election of Yehiya Sinwar as their new Prime Minister in Gaza. Sinwar replaces Ismail Haniyeh, who was more associated with Hamas’ political branch than their military side, and analysts worry that this change […]

Some Australians Are Still More Equal Than Others: Closing The Gap Report 2017

The ninth Closing the Gap report was released on Tuesday by the Australian Government, which found that only one of the seven targets to improve health, education, and employment among the Indigenous Australian population were on track. Whilst Aboriginal Australians make up just three percent of the 23 million population, […]