Daily Archives: February 18, 2017

The Quebec Mosque Shooting And Canada’s Extreme Right

On January 29th, just after 7:50 pm, 27-year-old Alexandre Bissonnette opened fire on Muslims praying inside a mosque in Quebec City, which killed six and injured five. The six men killed in the attacks were all fathers with strong ties to the Islamic community in Quebec City, which according to […]

A Bloody Week For Pakistan: 88 Killed In Suicide Attack On Sufi Shrine In Sehwan

This past Thursday, a suicide attacker targeted a Sufi shrine in the southern town of Sehwan, Pakistan. The targeted shrine is close to the tomb of Lal Shahbaz Qalander, one of Pakistan’s most venerated saints and a Sufi philosopher poet. At the time of the attack, the shrine was full, […]

Two Civilians Killed In Both Conflicts Between Kashmiri Militants And Indian Forces, As Well As The Resulting Protest

During a twelve-hour battle in the Kulgam district of India-controlled Kashmir that ended last Sunday morning, four militants, two soldiers, and a civilian were killed in the gunfire. After hearing reports of anti-Indian control militants in the area of Nagbal, Frisal village police came to conduct searches, which led to […]

Russia Violates Treaty With Missile Launch

Vladimir Putin has tested Trump and his administration by secretly launching a new intermediate-ranged cruise missile that American officials say violates a treaty between America and Russia. The missile was secretly launched in December and will test Trump’s commitment to developing improved relations between America and Russia. The treaty that […]