Day: February 10, 2017

North Korea After The Rise Of Trump And The Fall Of Park

Two major changes have occurred recently in world news that can be expected to trigger interesting changes in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. First was the major corruption scandal that erupted in South Korea that resulted in the impeachment of President Park Geun-Hye. The second was Trump’s victory in

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The Immigration Ban Is Anti-Peace

Last week, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that restricted immigration from several Muslim-majority countries and temporarily halted the United States Refugee program. The immigration ban went into immediate effect, causing chaos in the United States and sparking outcry from across the globe. Hundreds were detained in airports without

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Israel Finally Steps Up For Their Neighbours

A six-year civil war has strained the relationship between Syrian groups and has killed over 400,000 people. On January 25, Israel’s Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, surprisingly announced that the country would take in 100 Syrian orphans. They will be given temporary residency papers but will be eligible for permanent residency in four

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Israeli Settlement Expansions: Deconstructing Peace

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) adopted resolution 2334 on the 23rd of December 2016. This resolution condemns Israel’s establishment of settlements in Palestinian territory as “a flagrant violation of international law” and as an anathema to the two-state solution. Despite this, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said “we are

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European Action On Migration Crisis Questionable

Controversy surrounds the European Union’s (EU), latest plan to deal with the African migration to Europe crisis. Mr. Tusk, President of the European Council announced the European summit had “..reached [an] agreement on [the] immediate operational issues that should help [to] reduce the number of irregular migrants and save lives…”

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