Day: January 15, 2017

Save The Children International Has Demanded An Increase In Funding

On the 12th of January, at the London School of Economics the head of Save the Children International, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, gave a speech addressing the violation of children’s rights across the world. In her speech, she has demanded an increase in funding from the United Nations. The increase in funding

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South Sudan Rejects 4000 Peacekeeping Troops From The UN

Earlier this week, South Sudan’s government announced that they will no longer accept the deployment of any additional peacekeepers from United Nations. Claims have been made that the security situation in the country has improved significantly, and will require less support in the form of peacekeepers. Renewed fighting in South

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A Divided Island: Cyprus A Step Closer To Reunification

Peace talks between Greek and Turkish Cypriot sides indicate that the 40-year conflict is drawing closer to an end. Geneva is the backdrop for the negotiations, reports The Guardian. The Swiss diplomatic hub is “psychologically less charged” than Cyprus, ideal for navigating land swaps and the dilemmas of an ethnic divide that has, for a

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