Day: November 12, 2016

The Ceasefire In Ukraine’s Forgotten War Is Being Violated Daily

While the world’s attention has gravitated to the conflicts in Syria and the crisis in the Mediterranean, the frozen conflict in Eastern Ukraine against Russian-backed separatists is still a constant struggle for a peaceful resolution. Since the outbreak of fighting in 2013, and despite two ceasefire agreements in 2014 and

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Diversionary Tactics: Twin Suicide Attacks In Iraq Kill 21

  On Sunday, November 6, two bombs detonated in the Iraqi cities of Samarra and Tikrit. The attacks killed 21 people and were claimed to have been carried out by Islamic State militants. It is believed that the attacks were planned jointly as the assailants used ambulances filled with explosives

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The US Halts Weapons Sale To The Philippines

The U.S State Department halted a plan to sell 26,000 assault rifles to the national police of the Philippines last week, due to concerns regarding human rights violations of Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs. President Duterte’s angry response to this decision highlights the widening rift in the relations

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European Leaders Blamed For Refugee Deaths In The Mediterranean

  According to The Independent, England, and other European countries have impacted the refugee crisis more negatively by forcing people, who are escaping conflict and persecution, to undertake dangerous journeys. In particular, a report by the Unraveling the Mediterranean Migration Crisis (MEDMIG) project, declared that the strict refusals to open

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French Military Withdrawal From War Torn Central African Republic

  French peacekeeping troops in Central African Republic (CAR) have been withdrawn from the war torn country despite ongoing violence in the region. Operation Sangaris had been in effect since 2013, a French military response to the barbaric conflict between Muslim rebel group Seleka, and Anti-Balaka, a Christian rebel group,

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