Daily Archives: October 29, 2016

Ethnic Tensions Rise In Bosnia Herzegovina Following A Nationalist Driven Referendum

The autonomous Serb Republic, housed within the borders of Bosnia Herzegovina led by President Milorad Dodik, defied a Constitutional Court decision to cancel a controversial referendum at the end of September, this year. The referendum concerned the celebration of January the 9th as the Day of the Serb Republic (RS), […]

New Wave Of Peace Talks For Syria

Last Saturday, Syrian peace talks took place in Lausanne. However, despite the pressing need for a ceasefire in Syria, the peace talks on Saturday were unsuccessful in delivering this outcome. The conflict in Syria is entering its sixth year and has claimed approximately 300,000 lives. In September of this year, […]

US Warship Challenges China’s Claims In South China Sea

  A US guided missile destroyer, USS Decatur, patrolled the South China Sea on the afternoon of October 21, thereby spurring a protest from China’s Defence Ministry. The US warship sailed within the waters currently claimed by China, yet affirms that it “conducted this transit in a routine, lawful manner […]

Battle For Mosul Will Be A Humanitarian Disaster

Mosul is the last major Iraqi city remaining under ISIS’ control. After coming under ISIS’s control in June 2014, the coalition, on October 17, launched an attack to liberate the strategically-located city. US military officials estimate that there are 5,000 ISIS fighters in Mosul, whereas ISIS supports say there are 7,000. Either […]