Daily Archives: October 19, 2016

Duterte’s First 100 Days

Rodrigo Duterte’s presidency has barely reached 100 days, yet he and his government are already swarming in controversy. Having been compared, by foreign media, to American presidential candidate Donald Trump and also having compared himself to Adolf Hitler,[1] Duterte has attracted a stream of criticism ever since he came to power […]

US Warship Targeted In Failed Attack From Yemen

  Multiple missiles have been launched from a Houthi-controlled region in Yemen, targeting a US Navy Destroyer in the Red Sea. According to US officials, the targeted attack on the USS Mason is the third incident of its kind that has occurred in the past week. Admiral John Richardson, US […]

Elections In Palestine Indefinitely Postponed

Over the last few weeks, the optimism surrounding the October 8 local elections in Palestine has vanished. It was to be the first time the West Bank and the Gaza strip held simultaneous elections in, up to, 416 Palestinian cities. It was to be the first time Fatah and Hamas, […]

Colombia Voters Reject FARC Deal In Referendum

  Voters, in Colombia, have rejected a landmark peace deal with FARC rebels in a referendum result with 50.2% voting against it. If backed, the agreement would have seen the group handing over weapons, ending its involvement in the drugs trade, and changing into a political movement. Under the deal, […]

Djibouti Welcomes Yemeni Refugees

The regional secretariat for mixed migration reported that an estimate of 36,162 Yemeni refugees have landed in Djibouti since violence had erupted in Yemen. Thousands of Yemeni people are living in Markazi, which is one of the main refugee camps in Djibouti. Markazi is a gated compound outside the fishing […]