Day: August 27, 2016

The Philippines: In Between China And The United States

The last few weeks have seen many unexpected twists and turns on foreign policy from the Philipino president Rodrigo Duterte regarding the Philippines’ foreign policy orientation. At first, Duterte had seemed to indicate he would cooperate with the China and engage in bilateral talks. After the results of the South

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A Step Backwards for Women in Brazil

Protestors in Brazil are calling for interim president, Michel Temer, to be removed from office. Many demonstrations and protests have been led by women, who have said that Temer’s policies are a dangerous step backwards for women in the country. Those involved in these protests have called the new administration

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Ethiopia: Behind the Current Escalating Waves of Protest

Ethiopia is suffering from a deep rooted national consensus problem related with ethnic cleavages despite its years of statehood. Nowadays, there exists a deep rooted contradictory interpretation of the country‘s history as well as its future paths by the existing political forces. The modes of political organization and mobilizations are

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Switzerland Shuts Down Italy Refugee Camp

Throughout July this year Switzerland had already began to reinforce firm controls on refugees by train from Como–an Italian bordertown. Since then, Switzerland has turned away two thirds of those who tried to enter the country compared to one in seven in June this year. However starting in early September

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