Day: August 25, 2016

Transgender Activist Murdered In Turkey

Hande Kader, a transgender activist, was raped and burned to death in Turkey last week. She was last seen entering a client’s car and her body was later found raped and mutilated as it was left on the streets of Istanbul. Members of the LGBTQ community have become an easy target

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Taliban Take Over Dahana-E-Ghori

Friday marked the return of the old as the Taliban launched a coordinated attack on the district of Dahana-e-Ghori in Afghanistan’s North. After days of fighting with the district under siege, the Taliban seized power on Sunday, taking their city as they had initially attempted four months earlier. Deputy police

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Civilian Massacre In DR Congo Causes Further Civil Unrest

  Scores of civilians were killed in the northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo last Saturday, August 13th when an unidentified group attacked a village near Beni town in North Kivu. The Governor of the North Kivu province, Julien Paluku, confirmed in a statement that at least 22 men and

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