Daily Archives: August 24, 2016

Nauru: Australia’s Shame

Allegations of self-harm and sexual abuse incident reports being downgraded, a guard grabbing a boy by the throat and banging his head against the ground, and a seemingly dispassionate Minister for Immigration all splashed across the Australian and international news scenes. The Nauru Files were released August 2016, exclusively, by The […]

Results Of An Unending War: The Syrian Crisis

  Results Of An Unending War: The Syrian Crisis   For some years now, the Syrian people have not witnessed any iota of peace since their last protest on 15 March 2011. After the Arab Spring blew over, North Africa immediately set down alternation in power in Egypt, Tunisia, and […]

Financial Institutions Steal From Social Security Grants In South Africa

  Financial service company, NET1 is defrauding South African citizens of their social assistance grant funds by falsely charging expenses to their social assistance accounts. Their actions have sparked outrage within the human rights community as citizens struggle to retrieve their money. The South African constitution entails that every citizen, who is […]

Nipping Things In The Bud: Fewer Or No Weapons Equals Less Confict

South Sudan, the world’s youngest nation, was plunged into chaos when forces, loyal to President Salva Kiir, clashed with those loyal to his, now replaced, Vice President Riek Machar.[1] The response by the United Nations (UN) was to seek the deployment of 4,000 troops into the country[2] in a bid […]