Day: August 8, 2016

Rio Olympics 2016: Sports, Medals, and…Protests?

Have you been keeping up with the summer Olympics in Rio this year? They have only begun recently, but we have been hearing about them in news coverage for many months now. Perhaps it began with hearing about the Zika virus issues in Brazil that prompted so many athletes to

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Human Rights Abuses in Australian Detainment and Detention Centres

Earlier this week, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International released a report criticising both the living conditions of asylum seekers and condemning the human rights abuses occurring against them, at a processing centre on the island of Nauru. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are internationally operating non-governmental organisations that

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What Really Ails Africa?

In 2014, Adam Withnall, a Senior Reporter for The Independent wrote an article[1] that revealed countries in the world that could be deemed conflict free. Within the body of the article is a photograph of a Sudanese child in tears and above the photo are the words ’10 most conflicted

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World’s first climate change refugees seek new home

Seven tiny coral atolls in the Pacific are home to the world’s first climate change refugees. The Carteret Islanders are desperately seeking a new home before their homeland is completely swallowed by the sea. The evacuation plan is being lead by grassroots community group, Tulele Peisa, who aim to relocate

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Greece activists cleared

A court in Greece has cleared at least 26 activists who were were arrested by the Greek court for pro-refugee solidarity action. Those who were arrested were foreigners from Austria, Britain , Germany , Morocco, Spain and Switzerland. The Thessaloniki court threw out charges of “disturbing a religious gathering”. Yet, 19 of

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