Day: July 19, 2016

What’s Uglier: The Produce Or Walmart’s Food Waste?

  In 2014, Jordan Figueiredo, a solid waste specialist in California, launched the @UglyFruitAndVeg Campaign. Teaming up with Stefanie Sacks, a nutritionist and the author of What the Fork Are You Eating?, the pair began a recent petition on that is demanding unprecedented action from Walmart regarding its food

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Debunking Myths About The ICC In Africa

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has, perhaps, attracted more negative media coverage than ever in the passing years, due to its supposed bias in African cases. However, the promotion of peace and prevention of conflict worldwide remains the priority of the world court, as has come to light this week.

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Thailand’s Tourism Ministry Aims To Halt Sex Trade

  Thailand’s Tourism Ministry is cracking down on the country’s infamous sex industry, in an attempt to promote “quality tourism” instead. The ministry wants to shut down brothels with the aim of getting rid of the ubiquitous sex trade altogether. However, local support groups warn that the government must find

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France Mourns In Wake Of Bastille Day Attacks

Last Thursday, the Bastille Day festivities were interrupted as Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhel, 31, drove a lorry down the famous Promenade des Anglais in Nice, deliberately targeting people and running them down. The terror began at around 10:30pm after thousands of people had watched a fireworks display on the seafront to celebrate

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Taiwan’s Confused Response To PCA Ruling

Taiwan’s DPP government continues to be divided over how to respond to the Permanent Court of Arbitration’s (PCA) decision in the South China Sea case. In a surprising move, the PCA arbitrators ruled that Taiping Island/Ita Aba, is administered by Taiwan as a subdivision of the city of Kaohsiung, is

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