Daily Archives: June 7, 2016

Taiwan Backs Away From Okinotori Dispute

On June 2nd, the new Taiwanese Minister of Interior Yeh Jiunn-Rong announced that discussions regarding the Okinotori Islands “are not fashionable anymore.” Jiunn-Rong made the statements after negotiations with Japan in May that saw the withdrawal of Taiwanese patrol boats from the area, and promises by Taiwan to respect international […]

Chabahar Port Agreement Heralds New Regional Co-operation

  The Chabahar Port Agreement, which was finally confirmed by India’s signing in late May, is a trilateral understanding between Iran, India and Afghanistan to develop the small Iranian port of Chabahar into a regional trade centre. Initial talks between India and Iran for the development of the port commenced […]

Mounting Saudi-Iran Tensions Expanding ‘Anti-Iran’ Campaign Overseas?

  Saudi Arabia’s ‘anti-Iran’ campaign has made its way overseas, and it is gathering supporters in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This campaign’s main motive is to counter the Sunni and Shi’a rivalry, with Saudi Arabia being predominantly Sunni and Iran the latter. This conflict, paired with Iran’s relief of […]