Day: May 18, 2016

Turkish Prime Minister Resigns

The resignation of Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu holds a grim outlook for democracy and peace in the Middle East, as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan looks to upsize his legislative power, and position a stooge as replacement. Rumour has it that the reason behind Davutoglu’s resignation lays in the differences

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World Powers Consent to Support Fight Against IS in Libya

Permanent members of the UN Security Council and more than 15 nations gave their consent to respond to Libya’s government requirements in its fight against IS in a meeting in Vienna. According to Al Jazeera reports, the countries are “ready to consider demands from Libya’s new unity government for exemptions

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North Korea: More Questions than Answers

Underestimating despotic leaders have become a nasty habit of the West and is proving difficult to reverse. As the Allied powers’ fatal mistake in World War II, it is an error to avoid at all costs and Kim Jong-un is no exception. The recent Seventh Worker’s Party Congress has reminded

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Abuja Regional Security Summit

Regional and Western powers gathered in Abuja Nigeria today to discuss their war with Boko Haram, as the United Nations said the group posed a major threat to security in West Africa. “The United States, Britain, Equatorial Guinea, the European Union, ECOWAS, the Economic Community of Central African States and the

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