Day: April 27, 2016

North Korea: Ballistic Missile Test Deemed Successful

  On April 23rd, North Korea conducted a submarine ballistic missile test under the supervision of Kim Jong Un. It was deemed successful, and, as the Globe and Mail reported, “one more means for powerful nuclear attack.” According to the North Korean Central News Agency (KNCA), the test “fully confirmed

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Conflict In Burundi: One Year Later

One year after violent civil unrest broke out in the Central African State of Burundi last April, the United Nations Agency for Refugees reports that almost 260,000 people have been displaced. An estimated 430 have been killed and 3,400 arrested, says International Criminal Court Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda. This precarious predicament has

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The Crisis In Egypt: How Long Will Sisi Be Safe?

  Following the 2013 coup that ousted leader Morsi from power, the era of authoritarianism seems to reign in Egypt. Sisi has been criticized for leading Egypt with an iron fist by, “intimidating, jailing and killing dissenters and manufacturing loyalty through fear” says Mohamad Elmasry, an assistant professor at the

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