Day: April 22, 2016

Kabul Hit by Taliban: 28 Killed and Hundreds Injured

  The deadliest attack in Afghanistan since 2011 leaves at least 28 killed and more than 300 injured in Kabul. A Taliban suicide bomber blew up a vehicle packed with hundreds of kilograms of explosives around 9 am local time this past Tuesday, near the headquarters of a military unit.

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Female Iranian MP banned over ‘hand-shaking incident’

Iran’s new female MP has been banned from participating in political life with the Iranian Parliament after she allegedly shook hands with an ‘unrelated man’ during a visit overseas. Blurry photographs obtained from Ms. Minoo Khaleghi’s personal device reportedly show the reformist politician shaking hands with a man while on a

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Two burned alive in Zambia after xenophobic accusations go viral

On Monday, 18 April 2016, two residents of Lusaka were killed by an anti-foreigner mob. The attacks were a result of xenophobic accusations which have been ongoing since at least seven Zambians were murdered recently and their body parts were removed – supposedly for witchcraft purposes. The riot targeted Rwandan born

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