Day: February 15, 2016

Syria’s Peace Deal Threatened

After 255,000 deaths, 4 million refugees and the destruction of much heritage and history, Syria still finds itself in a volatile situation where it appears as though war will not cease. The 4th anniversary of the Syrian conflict has approached and passed, nonetheless, there has been no celebratory gunfire to mark its

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The forgotten insurgency

A protest in front of the White House in Washington has highlighted the plight of an ethnic group, the Balochs, in Pakistan, who seek reprieve from the ‘occupation’ of Pakistani forces in their province of Balochistan. The protest, aimed at garnering wide attention, hoped to seek US or NATO intervention

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PEGIDA’s anti-Islam movement transcending Germany’s border

PEDIGA; The Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West movement was an inevitable phenomena. The movement has swept throughout multiple European cities, notably in Dresden, Amsterdam and Dublin, with a clear message against the intake of refugees within their respective country borders. Irrespective of the international obligations within the

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The Organization for World Peace