Daily Archives: June 29, 2015

Al-Shabab’s Gorilla Attack: Islamic Militants Storm AU Base in Somalia, Leaving Many Dead

On Friday 26th June, 2015, Islamic militants from the Al-Qaida-linked Al-Shabab group attacked a remote African Union base in Somalia, causing a catastrophe that led to the death of 25 combatants while several others were injured, according to the AU mission reports and Abudi Guled (Associated Press). In a tweet, […]

Islamic State Massacre Claims 146 Civilian Lives In Kurdish Standoff

On Friday the 26th of June, 2015, the Islamic State killed 164 civilians in its offensive on the Kurdish town of Kobane, in what was called one of the jihadists’ worst massacres in Syrian history. The attack took place mostly inside Kobane and was generally recognized as vengeance for a […]

UN investigates 2014 Israel-Gaza Conflict

Justice on the international stage is not always direct, swift, clear or fair. This case can most clearly be seen in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We see a situation where both sides have committed so many atrocities – it’s difficult to see the line between justified and unjustified actions. On Monday […]