Myanmar Deviating From Peaceful Democracy

When Myanmar held its first openly contested elections in 2015, there was hope for change. Four years later and the political landscape of the South East Asian nation has transformed in unexpected ways. A United Nations (UN) report reveals the situation in Myanmar has worsened over time. UN Human Rights […]

Iranian Human Rights Lawyer Sentenced To Seven Years’ Prison

Iranian human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh has been sentenced by Iran’s highest court to seven years in prison following a trial for security charges. Judge Mohammad Moghiseh of Tehran’s Revolutionary Court confirmed this through a statement to local media on Monday. He said that Sotoudeh had been sentenced to five […]

No Gay People In Malaysia: The Troubling Comments of The Tourism Minister

Malaysia’s Tourism Minister, Mohammaddin Ketapi, gave comments that support the country’s recently adopted homophobic rhetoric. In a press conference, ahead of the ITB Berlin tourism expo, the German news agency Deutsche Welle reported that Mohammaddin Ketapi said, “I don’t think we have anything like that in our country.” His words […]

UK Official Opposition Supports A Second Brexit Referendum

Britain’s main opposing party, the Labour Party, publicly announced its support for a second referendum on Brexit following the parliamentary vote that the United Kingdom leave the European Union without an established deal. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn hopes that by supporting the second vote this will stop “a damaging Tory […]

Venezuela Crisis Intensifies 1

Crowds of people have taken to the streets in Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, this past week in support and opposition of President Nicolas Maduro. After a recent nationwide blackout, anti-government protesters answered opposition leader Juan Guaido’s call for action against the president. Guaido urged protesters to demand that Maduro step down […]

Further Complications In Ending The Crisis In Yemen

For the past several years, military conflict in Yemen overwhelmingly holds the attention of international media outlets. Yet, certain revealing events from this week only further amplified present complications. First, the Trump administration recently put forth plans to restrict a previous Obama executive procedure of announcing civilian deaths occurring outside […]

Shamina Begum: Baby Dies In Syrian Refugee Camp

Shamina Begum’s baby, Jarrah, died on Thursday 7th March in a Syrian refugee camp from pneumonia, according to a medical certificate. He was under three weeks old. Ms. Begum, who left East London aged just 15 in 2015 with two friends to join ISIS in Syria, recently had her British citizenship […]

Saudi Arabia Bashed Over Its Human Rights Violations

On 7th March in a United Nations Human Rights Council Session issued Saudi Arabia a rebuke against its abuse of human rights for the first time. The letter openly called for the release of human rights’ activists jailed for “exercising their fundamental freedoms” and to “disclose all information available” about […]