Yemen Named IRC’s Nation At Greatest Risk Of Humanitarian Crisis In 2019. What Is Happening In Yemen?

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) released their 2019 report of nations they believe most likely to experience this year’s worst humanitarian crises. Yemen topped the list, citing the internationally recognized government’s fight against the Houthi movement as triggering the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. The IRC estimates that 24 million Yemenis […]

European Union Imposes Sanctions On Iran

The European Union has enacted sanctions of two Iranian officials and a unit within the Iranian Intelligence Ministry following assassinations in the Netherlands and attempted attacks in Denmark and France. The sanctions have placed the intelligence unit and the individuals on the EU terrorism list in addition to freezing their […]

Peaceful Power Passing In Somalia’s Puntland Region

In what can be considered a massive achievement, a region of conflict-ridden Somalia elected a new president on Tuesday. Puntland, an area which has historically been notorious for piracy and Islamist militants, elected Said Abdullahi Deni to a five year term – a candidate who has promised a hard line […]

Gabon Coup Attempt Reflective Of Wider Issue

The Gabonese military foiled an attempted coup on Monday morning as a small group of junior army officers seized national radio for a brief period. The plot was quickly bought to an end by the military killing two suspected plotters and detaining seven other suspects. The officers involved are relative […]

Martial Law Extended For The Third Time In Mindanao

The Filipino people are all-too-familiar with ‘temporary’ human rights violations, not the least due to the repetitive imposition of martial law throughout the country’s history. From the 14-year period of martial law in 1972-1986, it comes as no surprise that President Rodrigo Duterte’s recent request for an extension of martial […]