Myanmar Releases Two Reuters Journalists

On Tuesday, Myanmar released two Reuters journalists from imprisonment who had been detained for 16 months in prison for coverage of the nation’s violent crackdown on the Rohingya minority group. This is a rare bright spot in a long history of state sponsored violence and repression in the South-East Asian […]

NASA Carbon Observatory (OCO-3) To Launch

In an effort to improve the science surrounding Climate Change, NASA scientists have planned for the mission ‘Orbiting Carbon Observatory 3’. The OCO-3 assignment involves sending an instrument to the International Space Station which will better understand the movement of carbon dioxide between plants and the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the OCO-3 […]

Trouble With U.S.-China Trade Deal Talks

The U.S.-China trade war, which began when President Trump took office in 2016, has reached an impasse. Tariffs have led to harm on both sides leading to fluctuations in the world markets. Talks for reaching a trade deal between the two nations was in progress but recently, U.S. trade representative […]

Sri Lanka Imposes Face Veil Ban Following Easter Bombings

Sri Lanka has banned face coverings that could conceal the wearer’s identity, affecting Muslim women who wear burqas, niqabs, or hijabs, according to Al Jazeera. While the law did not directly name any of these garments, Al Jazeera reports that activists have already condemned the law for violating Muslim women’s […]

Venezuela’s Political Crisis

Since the demise of Venezuela’s late president Hugo Chavez in 2013, Venezuela that was once among Latin America’s richest countries has been on a downward spiral and it seems it has hit rock bottom. This is a country that has more oil than Saudi Arabia but with higher poverty rates […]

“Caught In The Middle With You”: What National Security, 5G Networks, And Bans On Canadian Canola Have In Common

Disputes between the U.S. and China were framed as growing economic, strategic, and technological rivalries with potential for war. As Washington’s pivot to Asia continues, tensions in the South China Sea continue to mount. The resultant international trade disputes are perceived as political retaliation, making Canadian and international response vital. […]