North Korea


“I think the issue of North Korea is one where the international community as a whole has to work to resolve the crisis.”
– Helen Clark





               North Korea


               25.4 million


              200,000; most are citizens of North                   Korea

      Nuclear capability:

              Believed to be able to miniaturize                       nuclear warheads to fit on ICBM                        missiles

      Intercontinental ballistic missile range:

               Claim to be able to reach anywhere                    in the United States


Human Rights Watch has called North Koreans “some of the world’s most brutalized people” due to restrictions against their political and economic freedoms. North Korea has strained international relationships with many countries, including South Korea, with whom many attempts at reunion of the states have been made, all resulting in failure. Currently, North Korea is accelerating its nuclear weapons program in response to South Korea’s unveiling of their THAAD defense system, which North Korea opposes. North Korea is at odds with not only South Korea over its nuclear program, but also Japan and the United States. The United Nations has also imposed sanctions against North Korea due to its refusal to halt its nuclear development.

                 Key Actors:

  • North Korea has rescinded peaceful talks with South Korea and is also antagonistic with the United States and Japan due to their nuclear program and their refusal to denuclearize
  • South Korea borders North Korea, who they split with in 1945 and have since been adversaries. South Korea is allied with the U.S.A, who assist in military training and drills.
  • The United States supports South Korea and is attempting to force North Korea into de-nuclearization
  • The United Nations imposed increased sanctions against North Korea in an attempt to persuade its de-nuclearization as its missile tests increased in 2017



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