Venezuelan Government Cracks Down On Media Reporting

CNN’s Spanish-language service in Venezuela has been shut down after President Nicolás Maduro accused the broadcaster of “meddling in Venezuelan affairs.” The closure comes as US-Venezuela tension worsens, after the US Department of the Treasury ordered sanctions against Vice President Tareck El Aisammi, accusing him of drug trafficking and links […]

Venezuelan Currency Move Postponed Following Social Unrest

  Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has temporarily suspended his campaign to eliminate the country’s largest denomination bill amidst the current nationwide cash crunch and civil unrest. The surprise manoeuvre, announced by Maduro on December 12, was introduced as a measure to combat contraband of the bills at the Colombia-Venezuela border […]

Time Is Running Out For Venezuelans

A nationwide general strike was held across Venezuela this Friday, 28th October in response to the announcement that the referendum process to oust President Nicolas Maduro was being suspended. In order to hold the referendum Venezuelans must proceed through two initial petition stages, the first of which (obtaining 200,000 signatures) […]

Food Crisis Sparks Further Unrest In Venezuela

Amidst reports that around 90 percent of Venezuelans can no longer afford to buy food, the Venezuelan food crisis has exacerbated. Opposition protests against Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro mobilised a million demonstrators in the nation’s capital Caracas on Thursday. Demonstrators yelling “Venezuela is hungry” and “this government is going to […]

Venezuela’s Crisis: Consequences, Root Causes, And Possible Way Out

Venezuela, the country with the largest crude oil reserves in the world, is currently facing one of its severest economic, social, and political crises. Its supermarkets are lacking food, medical supplies, and basic consumer goods like soap and toilet paper, thus forcing Venezuelans to line up for hours to buy […]

Venezuela Hosts 2016 Non-Aligned Movement Summit

Venezuela is hosting the 17th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit at the island of Margarita from September 13 to 18, taking over from the previous host Iran. With 120 member states, the NAM is the second largest international body after the United Nations. Since its creation in 1961, it consists of […]

Venezuela’s Economic And Political Crisis: The Situation Continues To Devolve

  Venezuela is currently experiencing an economic and political crisis and is on the verge of entering into widespread social disorder. Severe shortages of food, medicine, electricity, and other basic necessities are causing small riots, drastic increases in organized crime, and staggering rates of murder and violence. Moreover, the current […]

Venezuela: What’s Next?

After a fierce nationwide battle against Chavismo and the ruling party’s current leader Maduro, the Venezuelan opposition, under their leader Jesús Torrealba, won the elections. Whilst the current President will remain in power until April of 2019, the victory of Jesús Torrealba’s Democratic Unity Roundtable indicates a legislative power shift. In 1999, Hugo […]