Ecuador Declares A State Of Emergency Due To Mass Venezuelan Migration

Ecuador has declared a state of emergency in three provinces following a flood of Venezuelan migrants crossing into the country through neighbouring Colombia. This month, the number of refugees entering Ecuador jumped to 4,500 per day. The Ecuadorian government is struggling to cope with the influx of migrants, many of […]

Explosive “Attack” In Caracas: Terror Or Totalitarianism?

On Saturday of last week, President Maduro of Venezuela survived an assassination attempt via drone. Several drones carrying explosives reportedly flew in Maduro’s direction while he gave a speech to celebrate the Venezuelan National Guard’s 81st anniversary. The event took place in Venezuela’s capital, Caracas. While Maduro was not injured […]

Brazil: Venezuelans In ‘Extreme Vulnerability’ Met With Closed Doors

Brazil has reopened its border with Venezuela in response to a ruling from the Brazilian Supreme Court. The northeastern land border in the Brazilian state of Roraima shut its doors to Venezuelan refugees fleeing economic and political turmoil, BBC News reported Tuesday 7 August. Judge Barreto ruled closure until conditions […]

Ecuador Declares State Of Emergency As Venezuelan Migrants Flood Border

Ecuador has declared a state of emergency in three provinces on Wednesday. This comes as a result of the rapidly increasing number of Venezuelan migrants crossing through neighboring Colombia, who are fleeing from Venezuela’s economic crisis. A state of emergency has been declared “in the provinces of Carchi, Pichincha and […]

Brazil Re-Opens Its Borders To Venezuelan Migrants Following Supreme Court Decision

Brazil has reopened its northern border to Venezuelan refugees after briefly blocking the frontier earlier in the week. The Supreme Court overruled a decision made by a federal court in the state of Roraima to temporarily close the border in an attempt to contain the influx of migrants. In Supreme […]

The Venezuelan Crisis: Inflation rises to one million percent whilst government removes all Opposition

On the 23rd of July, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released a report detailing how the already struggling Venezuelan Bolívar will surge to 1,000,000 percent inflation by the end of 2018. These are only the most recent markers of a steadily worsening economic crisis for the once developing nation. Since the […]