South America

Peace In Colombia Is More Than A Signed Agreement: With Financial Support, It Offers The Opportunity To Address Underlying Inequalities

Many Colombians have never lived a day of peace. The internal armed conflict between the guerrilla group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the government and paramilitaries was driven by inequality, drug-trafficking, and territory control lasting over fifty years. Every generation was affected. More than 220,000 people died and […]

Venezuela Still Consumed By Anti-Government Protests

Anti-government protests continue in Caracas, Venezuela this week, as they have almost every day since the end of March when the Supreme Court attempted to take over the powers of the opposition-led National Assembly. Dozens have been killed during the protests against President Nicolas Maduro and his cabinet. Dissatisfaction has […]

The Expansion Of Oil Extraction Versus The Indigenous Amazonians

A human rights publication, Intercontinental Cry reported that on May 11th, thousands of Amazonian indigenous people marched through the streets of South America, including Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil to protest against the expansion of oil extraction in the Amazon. As oil blocks often consist of regions that are home to […]

UN Security Council Visits Colombia To Observe The Advances Of The Peace Agreement

On May 5th 2017, the United Nations Security Council sent a 15-man delegation led by the Uruguayan Ambassador, Elbio Rosselli, to Colombia to witness the implementation of the peace agreement between the Colombian government and the former rebel group, FARC-EP. The purpose of the visit was to express the support […]

UEFA, FIFA And Universal Human Rights: A Greater Role For The World Game?

European football’s governing body, UEFA, will begin to consider human and labour rights in assessing bids to host its EURO competition. Germany and Turkey will compete for the rights to host the EURO 2024 competition, having been provided with a set of UEFA requirements for staging the event, which for […]

Migrating In A Globalizing World: The US And Latin America

The immigration, illegal and legal, of Mexico nationals to the United States (US), has been a controversial topic of conversation in recent years as the US experiences the effects of immigration.  Controversy has begun with illegal immigrants, undocumented workers, Executive Order 13767: Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements, and the economic […]