South America

Venezuela’s Deep Divisions

Venezuela’s entrenched divisions have once again flared up, this time in response to President Nicolas Maduro’s pledge to go ahead reshaping the government. Time Magazine has reported that anti-government protests in Venezuela have left two dead. Masked protesters mounted a blockade around the capital, Caracas, and grew violent, effectively isolating […]

Environmental Degradation: The Side Effect Of The Peace Agreement In Colombia

After several years of peace talks, in November last year Colombian government and the guerrilla FARC-EP reached an agreement to put an end to the oldest conflict in the American continent. One of the consequences of the signature of the peace deal is the transformation of ‘FARC-EP’ from an armed […]

Venezuela Government Supporters Attack Politicians At The National Assembly

On a day traditionally spent celebrating the independence of Venezuela from the Spanish crown, members of the opposition party were unexpectedly met with violence and terror when dozens of pro-government activists attacked and terrorized the grounds of Venezuela’s National Assembly building in downtown Caracas. The chaos began at the break […]

The Efforts Of Venezuela’s ‘Green Cross’

The New York Times recently reported that there have been at least 90 casualties since the demonstrations against Venezuela’s present government began in April, and one of the organizations at the centre of Venezuela’s relief efforts is the ‘Green Cross’. This organization is comprised of young doctors and medical students who […]

Colombia Witnesses A New Wave Of Violence Almost A Year After Signing Historic Peace Deal

In September 2016, the Colombian government and the FARC (the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), the country’s largest guerrilla force, signed a historic peace agreement, with President Juan Manuel Santos declaring that “we don’t accept violence as the means of defending ideas.” However, hopes of lasting stability have waned in recent months as […]

Displaced People And The Threat Of Global Destabilization

As war rages across regions of the globe, the United Nations reports that a record-setting number of people are being displaced, which threatens to destabilize the entire planet. According to a U.N. report, the various conflicts plaguing the world has “displaced 12 million Syrians, 7.7 million Colombians, 4.7 Afghans and […]