South America

Seventeen-Year-Old Protester Dies During Clashes In Venezuelan Capital

This past Wednesday, a 17-year-old protester was killed during clashes between anti-Maduro protesters and security forces in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas. This takes the death toll from the country’s civil unrest to 70. There are contradicting accounts surrounding his death, though, with the government saying that a homemade mortar exploded […]

Persisting Violence In Venezuela: Why the International Community Must Step In To Preserve Democracy

Civil unrest has entered its third month in Venezuela, a country in the midst of severe economic and political turmoil, with the reported death toll of the widespread anti-government protests rising to at least 62 as of the beginning of June, according to Reuters. Aside from increasing fatalities, hundreds have […]

Health Professionals Join Protests In Venezuela As Unrest Enters Its Eighth Week

Venezuelan doctors have joined the fray in Venezuela’s cities as country-wide protests continue into their eighth week, Al Jazeera has reported. Mounting frustrations with the administration of President Nicolás Maduro and rampant medicine shortages have driven doctors and other hospital staff to act, their participation swelling the ranks of a […]

Brazil: Will The Corruption Allegations And Political Turmoil Ever End?

New allegations of obstructing justice and corruption have been made against the President of Brazil. In a report issued in May 2017 by the Brazilian Attorney-General, an investigation has been ordered into the behaviour of President Temer. An audio recorded conversation appears to have evidence of President Temer ensuring Eduardo Cunha, […]

Peace In Colombia Is More Than A Signed Agreement: With Financial Support, It Offers The Opportunity To Address Underlying Inequalities

Many Colombians have never lived a day of peace. The internal armed conflict between the guerrilla group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the government and paramilitaries was driven by inequality, drug-trafficking, and territory control lasting over fifty years. Every generation was affected. More than 220,000 people died and […]

Venezuela Still Consumed By Anti-Government Protests

Anti-government protests continue in Caracas, Venezuela this week, as they have almost every day since the end of March when the Supreme Court attempted to take over the powers of the opposition-led National Assembly. Dozens have been killed during the protests against President Nicolas Maduro and his cabinet. Dissatisfaction has […]

The Expansion Of Oil Extraction Versus The Indigenous Amazonians

A human rights publication, Intercontinental Cry reported that on May 11th, thousands of Amazonian indigenous people marched through the streets of South America, including Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil to protest against the expansion of oil extraction in the Amazon. As oil blocks often consist of regions that are home to […]