The Realities Of New Zealand’s Child Poverty Problem

Child poverty is a growing global epidemic that continuously puts the world’s most at-risk and vulnerable populations in positions that threaten their health, growth, development, and ability to experience a full childhood and live a full life. Child poverty is not relegated in only underdeveloped countries; a number of evolved […]

The Growing Danger Of Lone Wolf Terrorism

For the past decade, terrorism has been one of the most pressing concerns for both nations and individual civilians. While many nations have adapted to try to stop these attacks so to have methods of these terrorist organizations changed. When before many ‘Cells’ co-ordinated to plan attacks, there has been […]

South Africa’s 9/11: Cape Town Water Crisis

16 April 2018. The day in which one of Africa’s most affluent cities, Cape Town, is predicted to run out of water. After a one-in-384-year drought and a 79% increase in population growth since 1994, according to The Guardian, South Africa’s second-largest city has been affected by climate change a decade […]

Happy Invasion Day

To most people, we would be celebrating January 26th by saying “Happy Australia day,”  however, what is meant is actually “Invasion Day.” On January 26th, 1788, the First Fleet anchored in Sydney and marked the beginnings of a long and aggressive settlement of Australian land. This momentous occasion has been celebrated […]

The ANZUS Alliance: A Romanticized Barrier To Peaceful Diplomacy In Asia-Pacific

Throughout history, Australia’s identity has been conditioned by its self-perception as the Anglo-American outpost of the South. Its inherent geographical vulnerabilities and affinity to European values, underlie its historic pursuit for ‘great and powerful friends’ with first Britain, and then the United States of America. Following Britain’s failure to protect […]

Refugee Parent Called By Government To Leave Child Alone In Australian Detention Centre

This week the Guardian newspaper published an article reporting the inhumane treatment of asylum seekers within the Naru detention centre, as parents are asked to leave their under age children alone in detention camps whilst they receive critical medical treatment overseas. Those claims are epitomized through the case  of Fatemeh, […]