Some Australians Are Still More Equal Than Others: Closing The Gap Report 2017

The ninth Closing the Gap report was released on Tuesday by the Australian Government, which found that only one of the seven targets to improve health, education, and employment among the Indigenous Australian population were on track. Whilst Aboriginal Australians make up just three percent of the 23 million population, […]

Peace Through Sports: An Introduction To Sports Diplomacy

Sports diplomacy is not a new practice and since ancient times, sporting events have been used as a vehicle for political goals. The Ancient Olympics in Greece, for example, allowed for dialogue, discussion, and peace between city-states that were otherwise continuously at war. However, since those times, the aims and […]

Trans-Pacific Partnership: More Than The Economy, Stupid

President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to withdraw the United States’ involvement in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Putting into practice his protectionist “America first” rhetoric, Trump signed the order on his first full day in the White House, effectively burying the already problematic trade policy of former President […]

Implications Of The Women’s March On Trump’s Presidency

On January 21, 2017, women, men, children, Muslims, African Americans, LGBT, and other minorities took to the streets of Washington, as well as across the world, to protest the newly elected U.S. President Donald J. Trump. The mission of the march was to spread awareness and stand together against Trump’s […]

Indonesian And Australian Military Co-Operation Suspended Following Offensive Incidents

Indonesia has indefinitely suspended military co-operation with Australia following several incidents that have caused offence to the nation. The concerns were raised by an Indonesian who was at the Perth base for training, ultimately prompting the Indonesians to announce their suspension of co-operation for “technical reasons.” Indonesia’s military spokesman Major-General […]

The Lake Chad Basin And How The World Failed To Notice A Humanitarian Crisis

As 2016 comes to a close, aid agencies have reflected upon a year of devastation for the world’s populations who experience the most suffering. While the horrors in Syria are shameful in itself, and the restrictive border policies of Europe, Australia, and the United States (US) have reflected an immoral […]

The Global Reach Of Social Movements

This year has seen domestic movements receive significant international attention. Movements, like Black Lives Matter, have dominated news feeds on social media, which has allowed these movements to gain more support and publicity, both domestically and internationally. Social movements are actions taken by civil society in order to address a […]

Balancing Acts-Trump And Future Of Chinese Diplomacy

The Appointment On Tuesday, December the 7th, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad has been confirmed by Trump spokesperson Jason Miller as the next US ambassador to China. This appointment is also notable for being one of the first of Trump’s initiatives in appointing ambassadors whilst he begins his transition to office. […]