The Overrepresentation Of Indigenous Women In Australia’s Prisons

The recent release of a report conducted by the Australian Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) has uncovered the extent of the over-incarceration of Australia’s Indigenous Women. The report detailed how the past six years have seen a 50% surge in female Indigenous prisoners in some state prisons. When […]

Major Task Force Established To Address Devastating HTLV-1 Virus In Australia

Human T-lymphotropic virus type 1, or HTLV-1, a relative of HIV affecting up to 20 million people globally, currently has no immunization or cure. The virus spreads through contaminated blood, breast milk, and unprotected sex and can cause severe lung disease, inflammation of the spinal cord, and kidney failure. Between […]

Home-Based Violence: An Australian Resurgence

Prior to the current Australian Prime Minister’s election, domestic violence in Australia had been largely eliminated. However, under the new Prime Minister, the issue has returned. Currently, there is an average of one woman murdered per week, and one man per month, from domestic violence (DV) attacks. Furthermore, family violence […]

Trump And Syria: A Fragile House Of Cards

In response to alleged gas attacks against civilians in Syria, U.S President Donald Trump, alongside the UK and France has made a decision to initiate tactical strikes against the Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Furthermore, he has proposed that further strikes are plausible if the regime does not stop oppressing and violently […]

China Vs. Australia: Military Confrontation In The South China Sea

The Australian Navy was confronted by Chinese military ships in the South China Sea earlier this month, as China continues to strengthen its position in the region. Australian warships were heading to Vietnam for a ‘good-will’ visit, and an unintentional meeting with the Chinese military occurred on the way. It […]

Rohingya People, Myanmar And The Australian Government: An Unfortunate Mix

In spite of recent cases of ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, conducted by the state’s military and government, the Australian military remains fully sanctioned, and are undertaking the “green light” to train and advise Myanmar military personnel, also known as the Tatmadaw. Rakhine, the area where many Rohingya reside, was long […]

The Celebration Show And Its Aftermath: What Is Beyond The Intentional Silence On The State Of Human Rights In China?

Alex Joske was watching the Chinese National Day Celebration show at a theatre in Canberra, Australia, when security staff attempted to force him to leave. The event was organized by the pro-Beijing Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA). Not long before he was kicked out of the event, he wrote […]

The Costs Of Australia’s Decision To Increase Defense Exports

On the 29th of January, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced a plan to boost defense exports, promising that such a move will yield increased job and investment opportunities. The move to make Australia one of the world’s 10 biggest arms exporters within the next 10 years is an attempt to […]